Stay Connected and Secure with Smart Video Doorbells!

When someone is moving around your front entrance while you’re at work or on vacation, get alerts and notifications right away. You are always informed about what’s going on around your main door, thanks to smart video doorbells. You can talk to the person on the other end, take screenshots, activate the built-in camera remotely, and do a lot more with it.

Video Doorbell Installation NY

Monitor and communicate with guests on your property with our Doorbell Camera Installation Services.

Choose from a variety of Video Doorbell Installation styles and manufacturers to meet the aesthetic and functionality you require. View visitors in realtime, communicate, and receive notifications of events.  Video Doorbells are a great addition to your home if you’re tracking package delivery.

Purchase an enhanced system with MAC Security and enrich your custom in-home dashboard with live video feeds from all ring doorbell camera installations, including your Video Doorbell.  Experience the power of integration as you sync a door chime with voice assistants like Google and Alexa, receiving personalized smartphone notifications. Capture and preserve videos for convenient review of historical events, all tailored to your peace of mind.”


Ring Doorbell Camera Installation NY

Secure Your Peace of Mind with MAC Security's Advanced Ring Doorbell Camera Installation in NY

Enhance your home security system with MAC Security, which specializes in Ring Doorbell Camera Installation in NY. With live video feeds straight from your Ring doorbell cameras, you can enhance your customized in-home dashboard and make sure you never miss a visitor. For individualized smartphone notifications, enjoy an effortless integration experience by connecting your Ring Doorbell to voice assistants like Google and Alexa. Safeguard your safety and peace of mind by recording and preserving significant video footage for convenient review of past events.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Home Automation or Smart Home is the ability for household devices that we interact with daily to trigger on event, meet certain conditions, and perform a certain actionable command.  One of many examples of Home Automation is pulling in your driveway motion sensor(s) are triggered, time of day conditions are met, and finally lights and the garage door opens as per actions to be performed.

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