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    Security Camera Detection

    Find out your visitors before opening the door

    “Live Camera Feeds at Your Fingertips: Immerse yourself in seamless live camera feeds on any mobile device. Effortlessly monitor perimeter and indoor activity, whether on a tablet in a shared space or beyond. Transform your smart devices into a cutting-edge security and infotainment hub, offering advanced protection and insightful experiences.”

    “Exploring Camera Excellence: Dive into a world of options, from wireless to wired technology, with a diverse selection of makes and models. Every camera has a distinct purpose, and a purpose exists for every camera.  You can count on MAC Security’s expertise to guide you to the ideal choice based on environment and scenario, or choose the perfect camera that matches your unique preferences.”

    Discover an array of camera makes and models, each equipped with feature-rich technology. Opt for cameras that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), differentiating between people and pets to make informed video recording decisions. Elevate your surveillance experience with cutting-edge capabilities tailored to your needs.”

    What is Infotainment?

    An infotainment center is a touchscreen entertainment, information, and security center that acts as one of the focal points of your home for total control of smart enabled devices.

    • Security Camera’s
    • Crime prevention
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Package Delivery
    • Monitor Employees
    • Criminal use
    • Home security