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    Motion Detection

    Motion detection technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

    “Enhance Home Security with Motion Sensors: Safeguard your loved ones with our advanced Motion Detection technology. Get instant alerts when any perimeter is breached, deterring potential intruders. You’re in control—set preferred detection times. Plus, ensure foolproof protection with our backup Motion Sensor, minimizing false alarms. Elevate your family’s safety today.”

    “Empower Your Security: Activate motion sensors across your property to trigger an array of smart actions—lights, cameras, speakers, and beyond. Unleash the full potential of Perimeter Defense with our dynamic 5DS approach: Motion sensing that ignites proactive responses, fortifying your surroundings like never before.”

    What are the 5DS of Perimeter Security?

    The 5DS include: Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend.  Deter by implementing a visual, for example, lighting.  Detect by recording an event.  Deny by installing security lock mechanisms.  Delay with sirens or speakers that deliver personalized messages.  Finally, the last method of defense in a perimeter security system is the law.

    • Motion Sensors
    • Crime prevention
    • Traffic monitoring
    • PIR Sensors
    • Monitor Employees
    • Criminal use
    • Home security