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    NVR Equipment

    Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

    “Seamless Video Management at Your Fingertips: View live feeds or easily navigate to specific moments from any location and at any time. Customize video retention based on disk capacity. Gain insights into the health and crucial statistics of your Network Video Recording (NVR) device. Take charge of your recording preferences and choose which smart devices receive video events for enhanced control.”

    Experience the flexibility to be able to use cameras from many makes and models with one NVR.  Group cameras based on a specific function and enable advance features such as license plate recognition.

    Control when and where your camera will record.  Set your camera’s presets (advanced PTZ cameras), or set time of day schedules based on the expected traffic.  Fine tune your cameras and NVR based on the amount of resources your system has, customize your NVR to your specific system requirements.

    What is Retention in NVR?

    Your retention period hinges on factors like disk capacity, influencing how long clips are stored. Monitoring your recording frequency and available disk space becomes crucial in managing video retention effectively. Make informed decisions to ensure an optimal balance between historical data and storage capacity.”

    • Video Storage
    • Crime prevention
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Network Video Recording
    • Data Storage
    • Monitor Employees
    • Institutions
    • Criminal use
    • Home Security