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    Network System

    Keep your business and home network secure and authorized

    MAC Security can facilitate Internet installations for new service or upgrades to preexisting networks.  We can make sure your private data stays safe both on and off your private network and does not get compromised.  MAC Security can conceal network equipment and provide professional cable management.  Let us do the heavy lifting.

    MAC Security can perform a penetration test to see if your network security can be breached and make recommendations to harden security.  Need to provide network connectivity in an area where there is no network connection?  No problem!  MAC Security can install a wired or wireless connection, your preference.  We have experience with many different hardware and software platforms across many different manufacturers.  Let us make it easier for you to stay connected.

    Do you live in a rural area where its difficult to get high speed Internet?  Let MAC Security make a recommendation on the service and technology you can upgrade to in order to enhance the connection experience.  Don’t let a poor Internet experience stop you from being able to stream videos for work or play!  Have us setup a VPN for you to access your private network from anywhere in the world.

    What is a VPN?

    A Virtual Private Network or better known as a VPN is a way to keep your private data confidential on a PC over the public Internet to a private network.  A connection is establish between two endpoints using authentication protocols and then data traversing this connection gets encrypted with industry recognized protocols.

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