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    Automated Locking

    Enjoy The Convenience of Touch Free Locking!

    Unlock the power of controlling your Smart Door Locks remotely from any mobile device; including Smartphones, Tablets, and more.  iPhone and Android compatible.

    Utilize keyless technologies including: WIFI, touch keypad, Text-To-Speech, Bluetooth, and Geofencing.  Automate your locks by implementing, triggers, conditions, that enforce certain actions to be performed.

    What is Geofencing?

    Geofencing is based on virtual perimeter or proximity.  For example, as you enter or leave a premises on conditions of location using GPS and Cellular data, a garage door or lock may open or close.

    • Smart Locks
    • Crime prevention
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Automated Locks
    • Monitor Employees
    • Criminal use
    • Home security